About Us

1st Urban Group is a leading-edge consortium in design development and user experience projects and outcomes. We provide effective solutions designed to deliver quality results for your business, be it a large development or a small project. Our management team designs solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your projects to ensure you achieve your desired results.

We can start at the concept of a project or if you need a reliable construction partner plug-in to accomplish your goals, count on us!

Our team in one word: EXPERIENCED! With 27-32 years in results across the portfolio, we’re focused on development opportunites. For 3 +decades, our leadership has worked across multi-industries – global consumer products, airline and transportation, and community equity. Our 1st Urban Group partners have created excellence in projects across Atlanta and the Southeast.


  • At 1st Urban Group, our goal is to replicate success in a collaboration with you.


  • At 1st Urban Group, we believe what we seed will grow.


  • At 1st Urban Group, we’re proud our clients can count on us!

Cheryl Scales is an award-winning and dynamic CEO bringing the vision to connect, innovate, and deliver in the construction and development arena. Her passion, discipline, and adeptness in client satisfaction are just the touchpoint of working with her leadership team and partners.

1st Urban Group capabilities include:

  • Project Management

  • Mechanical HVAC Services – Commercial and Residential

  • Ceramic Tile

  • Concrete and Masonry Services

  • Drywall/Painting, Light-Gauge Framing, and

  • Branding, Marketing & Customer Experience Services

Registrations and Certifications