Representative Projects

1st Urban Group renovated Historic Ebenezer Church Education Building to support their children and youth ministry experience. This scope of work was 8 rooms including Dr. Martin Luther King’s Private Pastoral Bathroom.

1st Urban Group provided a range of services: design, demolition, abestos-testing, commercial painting, plumbing, electrical, wall tile installation, and floor tile installation. 



Dr. King’s & Daddy King’s Private Pastoral Bathroom Renovation



Men’s Bathroom Renovation

Universal Bathroom Renovation 

Nursery Renovation

Women’s Bathroom 1st Floor Renovation

Women’s Bathroom 2nd Floor Renovation

1st Urban Group also partners with SE Consortium for construction projects. Their portfolio includes:

  • SCLC Headquarters
  • North Fulton High School
  • Skyloft Apartments
  • Hughes Spalding Hospital
  • Buford Academy

1st Urban Group has a diverse portfolio of innovation, led by CEO Cheryl Scales, including:

  • Delta Air Lines
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Art-Up Community Engaged Design

1st Urban Group partners with Magnificent Public Relations for Branding and Marketing Services. Their portfolio includes:

  • Major Corporation Collaborations – Aetna Foundation, Allstate, Coca-Cola Enterprises, NBA , Memphis Grizzlies, LA Lakers
  • Celebrity Movers & Shakers – Judge Glenda Hatchett, Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, Hill Harper, Dr. Jeff Gardere
  • Health Innovators – CDC, Georgia Department of Health, RAPHA Health Inc.