1st Urban Group Upgrades Remote Worker Space

Remote work has evolved due to many factors including technology. For many who work remotely including those working from home, there’s sometimes a need to ‘upgrade’ some of their spaces. That’s exactly what 1st Urban Group was tapped to complete. This long-time government professional wanted a bathroom upgrade and we’re proud of the magic that […]

New Times, New Tile

Upgrade Your Life with New Tile If you are considering a more permanent and sophisticated way to upgrade your space, tile is both versatile and quite practical. Patterns, sizes, shapes and textures are unlimited options before your change. When you want to renovate or improve your home or office, tiling is an excellent idea to increase […]

3 Ways Great Design Happens

Great design happens when it’s super unique One way of making your space unique is by painting your walls. It’s the most direct and visible option but often overlooked or dismissed as the foundation versus an end goal. It can not only make your space more colorful but it can also make the space experiential […]