3 Ways Great Design Happens

Great design happens when it’s super unique

One way of making your space unique is by painting your walls. It’s the most direct and visible option but often overlooked or dismissed as the foundation versus an end goal. It can not only make your space more colorful but it can also make the space experiential to support your goals. Paint color as part of design can range in complexity from tone-on-tone, vibrant color or custom designs including hand touches or even stencils.


Great design happens when the budget is clear

How much you spend on depends on the type of paint you need to use to achieve your goals. Room transformation starts with your goals for the room, then wall readiness and repair assessment before restoration or selecting paint. Paint quality is also a clear priority whether it includes primer or a separate foundation paint and the number of coats needed. A construction partner in your process does full measurements to calculate materials required (walls, baseboards, door trim, closets, doors and the ceiling). Depending on your goals, you may choose to vary the paint of different surfaces.

Great design happens when a customer has flexibility to create

There are many off the shelf stencils that are excellent to add distinction in a room renovation. One of the new services offered by our firm is custom design stencil concepts to reflect a client’s goals. In the creative process, a client may also need to allocate more timefor this step but it can be a truly signature part of helping to achieve your goals.  One other component of great design in room transformation is tile design and implementation on walls or floors. Ask about custom stencils or tile design optons- either of these could also be right for your goals!



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